When I saw Cecil Taylor’s award winning play “Operation Elvis”, it was being performed by actors from the Royal Shakespeare Company, in a small function room above a pub in Battersea. From the moment the lights went down I was hooked not only by the innocence and simplicity of the story, but also by the universal nature of this young boys journey.

I knew then, that this rites of passage story would make a great movie.

KING is my adaptation for the screen and represents my debut feature as Writer/Director.

Growing up in a single parent home with a mother who seems both at odds with motherhood, yet desperate to do the right thing, KING, is at its core, the story of a young boy who is ultimately able to find his true identity by helping fulfil the desires of someone less fortunate. Yet, like all good stories, it’s about much more.

KING is about absent fathers, it’s about life struggles, real or imagined. It’s about the search for acceptance, it’s about friendship and belonging, yet most of all, KING is about love in a hard place.

Touchingly funny and poignantly moving, KING is a personal drama about the friendship of opposites, which will stay with its audience long after they have left the cinema.

Richard Platt (Screenwriter/Director)