Surprize Cafe

The Surprize Café is an original series of half hour plays for television, penned by both experienced and emerging talent from the world of theatre, film and television.

The Surprize Café is a series of contemporary parables from modern-day experience. Played out in a single studio set, the conceit of the Surprize Cafe is in its confinement, creating its uniqueness, its emotional focus and thereby its dramatic freedom.


The Surprize Café is a tented officer’s mess behind the front lines at the Somme in 1914, a Bagel shop beside Kings Cross station on the night of the terrible fire in 1987. It’s a WRVS canteen in a contemporary women’s prison and it’s a small greasy spoon on the outskirts of Portsmouth Harbour in 1982, on the eve of the departure of the Falklands Task Force.

These are small, detailed, emotional stories set against a massive backdrop.

Here then are the three programmes that make up the pilot trilogy for the Surprize cafe. Feel free to have a look.

They are each 30 minutes long.

20:01 written by Tracy Brabin, Directed by Rick Platt.

The 92 Club written by Ben Edwards Directed by Rick Platt.

Sailor Boy written and Directed by Rick Platt.